REPAIR: PLATELET RICH PLASMA: There are now treatments that use your own biology to repair and help painful joints called platelet rich plasma. Platelets help heal tissue damage and are carried in the bloodstream. Because joints, tendons and cartilage have a port blood supply there is no pathway to deliver the platelets needed from the blood to the damage. By drawing a small amount of blood the platelets are separated and concentrated. Using ultrasound imaging to guide the needle the platelets are injected into each area of the joint or damaged cartilage. Platelets release a huge store of growth factors that jump start the healing process. Improvement can be rapid or take up to 14 days.

          PRP + A2M: Alpha-2-Macroglobulin?

Alpha-2-Macroglobulin, A2M is a large protein found in blood plasma. Now there is a new technique where we can isolate and concentrate the A2M molecule from the plasma when doing PRP. A2M inhibits all classes of molecules that result in the damaging break down of cartilage in osteoarthritis pain.



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