We are proud to be amongst the first USA providers of a new technique called Lipogems using adipose tissue (fat). The Lipogems provides volume, support, lipofilling of defects in soft tissue, repair and replacement of damages joint tissue.

Adipose (fat) contains over 100 proteins associated with tissue repair and increase blood flow as well as regenerative cellular elements. Our clinical studies using Lipogems have shown the vast majority of patients treated have gained significant improvement with pain, joint function and quality of life. These results have been seen in “bone-on-bone” joints as well. It’s also exciting to see that patients who don’t want, are not candidates for or are too young to have joint replacements have viable treatment options to function more freely and with less pain.

NEW STUDY: Adipose tissue contains Adipose Derived Stem Cells “ADSC’s” more than 600 secreted proteins and included key molecules involved in tissue regeneration. Stem Cell Res Ther. 2015; 6: 221.

NEW STUDY: Lipogems Product Treatment Increases the Proliferation Rate of Human Tendon Stem Cells without Affecting Their Stemness and Differentiation Capability. Results showed that the Lipogems product significantly increases the proliferation rate of hTSCs (human tendon stem cells). Moreover, treated cells increase the expression of VEGF, which is crucial for tissue healing. Stem Cells International Volume 2016 (2016), Article ID 4373410, 11 pages

During the treatment visit pre-treatment ultrasound scans are taken to develop targets for treatment and pre-treatment measurements of joint function are also taken to monitor patient progress after the treatment.

Using a local anesthetic with no sedation required, a small amount of fat is taken from the belly area. No cosmetic changes occur and most patients are happy to lose a little fat. The fat is then processed into Lipogems and using ultrasound imaging to guide the needle, every nook and cranny needing treatment is given Lipogems. Patients leave after the visit without the need for assistance and there is no down time.



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