LIPOGEMS® Could Be the Answer for Pain from Arthritis, Shoulder including Rotator Cuff Tear, Lower Back, Knee including Meniscus and others.

JOINT DIAGNOSIS: Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging to See the Entire Joint

Unlike an X-Ray where all you see are bones, with ultrasound imaging you can view all of the joint structures both internal and external including bone, cartilage, joint capsule, ligaments, tendons and muscle, thus precisely viewing the causes of joint pain. Then, using the streaming ultrasound imaging the needle can be guided with pin-point accuracy ensuring treatment is delivered exactly where it’s needed. Non guided “blind” injections are shown to be 35%-60% accurate while ultrasound guided injections are 100% accurate. This ensures the treatment is placed exactly where it’s needed into every area where the damage is.

LIPOGEMS® is a new treatment option for arthritis pain now offered by Dr. Norma Bilbool, M.D., a double board certified physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation and pain medicine and Dr. Richard Striano, DC., RMSK Certified in Diagnostic Ultrasound and trained in Interventional Ultrasound Guidance..