Why ‘Useless’ Surgery Is Still Popular

Why ‘Useless’ Surgery Is Still Popular. With evidence showing joint surgeries to remove or replace joint tissue don’t work, why are these surgeries widely accepted and all too common?

I just had a patient, 46 YO male, pain in the shoulder and both knees. Advanced osteoarthritis in all three and torn menisci and rotator cuff. Told he needs all three replaced but has to wait until he is 55. That’s 9 years! Under precision ultrasound guidance all three joints, every damaged meniscus and tendon was treated with Lipogems fat graft. This simply magnifies the growing need for non-surgical options and Lipogems fat graft and other regenerative medical treatments have shown the potential to fill this void.

At the heart of regenerative medicine to combat joint pain is the process of using adipose fat graft, cells, proteins, growth factors and bio-active elements contained therein to trigger natural healing and regeneration within the target structures. Scientists are now highlighting more than ever before the mechanisms of how joint tissues biologically break down, and why our bodies fail to repair themselves after traumatic injury or age-related joint degeneration.
As a first line of treatment these orthopedic conditions should be approached to repair and regenerate damaged joint structures and holding elements before removing or replacing them. The human tissue should be preserved at all costs.The science based medicine behind these treatments is vast and self evident.

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