Let’s not forget our canine companions

Let’s not forget our canine companions and the impact regenerative medicine can have on the quality of their lives. In this study by Dr’s Canapp and others I’ve had the pleasure of hearing at TOBI conference, the rotator cuff tendons exhibit healing and repair seen by musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging. We utilize the same advanced ultrasound imaging and see very similar results in the rotator cuff in patients who also have osteoarthritis using the Lipogems adipose fat graft regenerative technology. The overwhelming majority of patients are tracked and exhibit improved pain, range of motion, strength, quality of life and appearance on ultrasound imaging.

The Use of Adipose-Derived Progenitor Cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma Combination for the Treatment of Supraspinatus Tendinopathy in 55 Dogs: A Retrospective Study.