Adipose Stem Cells Display Higher Regenerative Capacities

Adipose Stem Cells Display Higher Regenerative Capacities and More Adaptable Electro-Kinetic Properties Compared to Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells.

While adipose tissue continues to show benefits in orthopedic applications, the outcomes from use of compliant fat graft studies are needed to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of fat graft in treating pain from a wide variety of joint disorders. With the benefits of many many common orthopedic surgeries questioned in recent studies, the need for a non-surgical option is growing. With the aging population growing substantially in the future, this need is even greater. These “tweeners” in between a diagnosis of osteoarthritis and an eventual joint replacement are in an alternative treatment void that can span many years.

Our study using the Lipogems technology for autologous, minimally manipulated fat graft on 21 subjects, 33 knees with advanced OA and meniscal disease one year after treatment will be published shortly.