LIPOGEMS® JOINT REGENERATION: Regeneration with Lipogems Micro-Fragmented Adipose

Optimum Joint, is equipped and has been performing ongoing clinical studies on the shoulder, rotator cuff, lower back, hip and ankle pain where a patient’s own fat is used to alleviate arthritis related conditions. Optimum was among the first practices in the USA trained in the state-of-the-art treatment through LIPOGEMS® technology that is a minimally invasive same day procedure, performed in about an hour and could be the answer for many of those looking to avoid surgery.

There are two sources of regenerative elements in the body, bone marrow and adipose tissue. Adipose has been shown to have more than 100 times as many regenerative cells and bioactive elements and is easy to harvest. Most patient are happy to lose a little fat. Using a local anesthetic with no sedation required, a small amount of fat is taken from the belly area. No cosmetic changes occur. The fat is then processed into Lipogems and using ultrasound imaging to guide the needle every nook and cranny needing treatment is given LIPOGEMS®.

Fat contains over 100 proteins associated with tissue repair and increase blood flow as well as regenerative cellular elements. Our clinical studies using Lipogems have shown excellent results with pain from shoulder, rotator cuff, lumbar spine, hip, knee and ankle conditions. Other joints including the elbow and hands have shown similarly excellent results.