This is THE NEXT BIG WAVE; the science and administration of regenerative medicine 

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    Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging
    – locates the issues causing pain
    unlike an x-ray does. Read more

    Ultrasound Image Guided Injections
    – are more accurate and more
    precise than a blind unguided injection. Read more.


    Replenish Joints
    – with a lubricating gel that reduces friction and pain. Read more.

    Repair Joints
    – with your own growth factors with platelet rich plasma or a powerful anti-inflammatory in plasma called A2M. Read more.

    Clinical Studies at Optimum Joint
    – Knee, Lumbar Spine Pain, Shoulder, Hip and Ankle Studies. Read more



    Lipogems Regenerative Medicine

    -Lipogems filling joints to cushion, support, repair,  and improve function.
    Read more.


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    Real Patients. Real Results

    Robert G., Age 79 Lipogems Regenerative Medicine

    On February 4th, 2016, Dr. Richard Striano and Dr. Norma Bilbool performed Lipogems treatment on my left shoulder. I had been diagnosed with one complete tear and two partial tears of my rotator cuff. Surgery was recommended but was not visible to at the time.

    At the time I first met Dr. Striano, I was limited to a range of motion of approximately 30 degrees to the front and side with excruciating pain (Level 7-8)

    After the Lipogems treatment I had pain for 1-2 days after that all pain was gone and I had complete range of motion without pain.

    I assess the treatment as a ”MIRACLE”


    Paul A., Hyaluronic Lubricating Gel/Physical Therapy

    Since getting my injections and physical therapy I’ve noticed a considerable improvement in my range of motion. Also, the pain has gone down considerably. I have been doing physical therapy at house on my own as directed and focused thus has helped me quite a bit.

    I am sleeping better due to less pain and having a catch with my son and other activities as well. I will continue physical therapy on my own as directed by the physical therapist to complete range of motion of my shoulder.



    Bruce L., Age 58 Hyaluronic Lubricating Gel

    I began experiencing increasingly debilitating left knee pain interfering with work and pleasure times. After hearing about the experiences of one of my patient and his mother, I decided to give Optimum Joint of Suffern N.Y. a try. After a comprehensive interview of my medical history, followed by an ultrasound examination of my knee, my diagnosis and treatment options were discussed. I opted for Hyalgan injections. Each injection was done under ultrasound guidance and superficial anesthetic so that the injections were essentially painless.

    Not only were the injections sufficient to dramatically decrease my pain but to improve my activity level as well.

    Beyond the improvement in pain. I found the staff to be excellent communicators, explaining all aspects of the experience from insurance issues to the procedure itself. Staff was friendly, warm and very professional. I can recommend Optimum Joint without reservation and I would make them my first choice to return to.


    Stephen Z., Age 48 Lipogems Regenerative Medicine

    My quality of life has improved in ways I can’t have imagined. Pain is gone, I have not slept at night in years, due to pain. I now sleep all night with no problems.

    I no longer have pain when I bend over, or look up, or down as in the past. I never thought it’s possible, but I believe I will return to a full quality of life.


    Vito C., Age 46: Elbow

    I wanted to take this opportunity thank you and your staff for diagnosing and treating the elbow pain I was experiencing. I was experiencing elbow pain for over a year to the point where I couldn’t shake someone’s hand without feeling pain. You had recommended PRP injections and after one treatment my pain has been reduced 95%. In addition, you have also injected my shoulders with PRP and I am experiencing a decrease in pain and I am looking forward to future injections. I also want to add that you have a friendly and professional staff and that I have recommended you to my friends and family. Have a happy new year!


    Kamil Z., Age 49: Hip

    I have joint pains since 1995. Started with pains and swelling in my wrist and fingers. Then slowly started in other joints. I am seeing rheumatologist since 1998, I went though few medicines but seems none of them help. And pain started growing and growing since 2005. I have little pain in my hips. A year ago,  I had an x-ray done on my hips because I had severe pain in my left hip. The x-ray showed bone on bone that’s why my pain was not going away and rheumatologist suggest me I may need a hip replacement. I did some research and found out about Optimum Joint. They insert this gel thing in the joints between the bones and today is my third treatment and I am feeling a lot better. Pain is gone and feels very good. God bless them, they are helping their patients everyday. Thank you doctors and the whole team.

    Lenora G., Age 74: Shoulder

    Find injection successful. Very pleased and feel younger and can reach without pain. A wonderful alternative to surgery.

    Dorothy G., Age 73: Knee

    After 4.5 years of excruciating pain being unable to get out of bed or walk, I found Optimum Joint. After one treatment, I am able to walk without pain and “unbelievable” not in agony anymore. My friends commented how they are surprised to see me walk. My knee was very swollen when I first walked in, after my first visit, it’s so much better.

    Charley W., Age 64: Shoulder

    Before it was very painful. I couldn’t lift the fork when eating, couldn’t lift arm to put on my shirt. Now I am back to normal lifestyle. I am able to eat and dress myself without feeling pain. I really appreciate it.

    Phyllis C., Age 71: Knee

    I have four key points that were really bothering me. First is changing positions, it would really bother me; it was really difficult. The second thing is walking up and down the stairs, dragging one foot from the other. The third was when I’m sleeping, whenever I turned over my knee, the pain would wake me. The fourth is, it would be very difficult when walking distance for more than 10 minutes. What I found after having the treatment of the steroid injection then 5 Hyalgan shots was the changing positions was greatly improved. I can walk up and down the stairs normally even if it was slow-paced, which is a vast improvement. Sleeping when i turn over doesn’t wake me. I can sleep more peacefully. My endurance for walking is much improved. I can walk about 25 mins to half hour before discomfort. I feel the overall benefit. I would do this again in a heartbeat. I am 75-80% better on my own knees., which is a lot to me; without a doubt.My hand used to hurt me a lot. I have basilar arthritis on the left joint. I had one steroid injection and a couple of therapy sessions and its 80% better now. I can open a jar with little difficulty. Before, I could not open a jar at all. I don’t have that intense hurt anymore.

    Nelson H., Age 71: Shoulder

    In my early 40’s dislocated left shoulder and had it reset; at 45 years old primary physician diagnosed me with arthritis and at 50 years old, i can hardly move my arm. It was difficult to do my job as an electrician with decreased mobility; for 20 years this problem remained but not now and 70 years old. I’m 70% better. I can sleep so much better my mobility has improved and I’m very happy with my results.

    Krys A., Age 68: Knee

    Thank you for giving me my life back. When i came to you two months ago, I felt as if my right knee was broken. Your treatments progressively reduced my pain and gave me most of my mobility back. I truly appreciate your care and approach to dealing with joint pain. I had two rounds of Synvisc injections, neither of which relieved the apin. Your combination of PT, ultrasound guided injections, and sequencing of treatments really made a difference. You provide hope in averting knee replacement.

    Jacqueline S., Age 83: Knee

    I was leaving for Ireland and my right knee was hurting. I went to the doctor and he gave me a cortisone shot and said I was bone on bone and would have to have knee replacement. I had my left knee replaced and was not happy with the results and was not going thru that again. I heard about Optimum Joint on 710 radio and decided to drive to Suffern from Queens. it is the best ride i have taken. I felt better after my first shot. No pain in my knee and my leg is much stronger. I am very happy with the results.

    Phyllis C. Age 76: Knee
    Dr. Striano and Dr. Bilbool are extremely knowledgeable and understanding with their patients.
    My neck and knees have improved greatly. My one particular knee ( that has arthritis, bursitis and tendinitis ) has improved so greatly that the pain has diminished to such a degree that I am now able to be more active once again.
    Thanks to the Doctors and the staff for all that they have done for me.

    MaryEllen G., Age 65: Knees

    I came to Optimum Joint with a high level of pain in both knees and a lack of flexibility. After four injection shots, my pain has greatly decreased. I am more flexible and can walk up and down.

    John L.,Age 71: Shoulder

    Feeling a lot better. Very pleased with the outcome. Has never felt that way for so many years. Now i can brush my hair, button up my clothes, do things without discomfort.

    Tim M.,Age 49: Hip & Knee

    I am about 75 to 80% better.

    Thomas P.,Age 71: Knee

    My treatments are making me feel so much better. The first injection was a big improvement. So happy to be here as a patient. My walking is easy.

    Nelson H.,Age 70: Left Shoulder

    In my early 40’s dislocated left shoulder and had it reset; at 45 years old primary physician diagnosed arthritis and at 50 years old I can hardly move my arm. It was difficult to do my job as an electrician with decreaed mobility; for 20 years this problem remained, but not now at 70 years old I’m 70% better. I can sleep so much better, my mobility has increased, and I’m very happy with my results.

    Robert B., Age 76: Hip

    For more than a year I couldn’t put on my socks or stand for more than 10 minutes without pain stopping me. Now I can reach my feet to put on my socks, go for long walks and play tennis again.

    Maryann P., Age 65
    My pain has improved greatly. I went to a concert and I was able to walk without pain and my niece have mentioned to me that I was walking better like a new human being. I am able to walk around at work with no pain and prior to treatment, I was not able to finish my shift without pain.

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