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    While the talk in regenerative medicine tends to focus on the adult stem cell (MSC), it’s important to keep in mind by using a “cell only” treatment, many very powerful biologics are lost in the processing.

    Adipose tissue (fat) has an abundance of elements shown to have over 600 proteins associated with soft tissue repair. Optimum Joint was the first East Coast Clinic trained in the new technology, Lipogems, that is minimally manipulated fat graft, administered in a single office visit with no sedation required preserving the regenerative niche. The treatment is safe and effective in treating orthopedic joint pain including bone-on-bone joints.

    NEW STUDY: MSC exosome as a cell-free MSC therapy for cartilage regeneration: implications for osteoarthritis treatment.…/article/pii/S1084952116304037

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    Adipose Stem Cells Display Higher Regenerative Capacities and More Adaptable Electro-Kinetic Properties Compared to Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells.

    While adipose tissue continues to show benefits in orthopedic applications, the outcomes from use of compliant fat graft studies are needed to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of fat graft in treating pain from a wide variety of joint disorders. With the benefits of many many common orthopedic surgeries questioned in recent studies, the need for a non-surgical option is growing. With the aging population growing substantially in the future, this need is even greater. These “tweeners” in between a diagnosis of osteoarthritis and an eventual joint replacement are in an alternative treatment void that can span many years.

    Our study using the Lipogems technology for autologous, minimally manipulated fat graft on 21 subjects, 33 knees with advanced OA and meniscal disease one year after treatment will be published shortly.

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    A recent publication showing that human adipose derived stem cells adhere to damaged tissue within a knee joint and persist. Lipogems is an adipose fat graft technology that preserves the vascular stromal niche, thereby delivering mechanical and bio-active elements in treating the painful knee.

    The administration of adipose fat graft mechanical, regenerative and cellular solutions is focussed on relieving pain and restoring functional abilities, and quality of life. These orthopedic applications of adipose fat graft technologies to help regenerate and restore tissues is fast becoming the catalyst for a paradigm shift in how we approach the orthopedic patient. The science behind tissue and cellular medicine is irrefutable.

    In vivo human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cell tracking after intra-articular delivery in a rat osteoarthritis model.

    Since haMSCs after IA injection were mainly concentrated in the joint area, our next step was to try and confirm the therapeutic efficacy at 70 days after the cell therapy to collaborate the biodistribution findings. In the normal group, HE staining showed that the surface of the articular cartilage was smooth and intact while in the DiD control group (surgery-induced OA without cell treatment), articular cartilage exhibited rough borders.

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    New study at Stanford set to show the benefits of adipose (fat) for treating shoulder pain from rotator cuff tears.

    Our results using fat graft with the Lipogems technology has shown significant benefits in the vast majority of patients treated with shoulder pain from osteoarthritis and rotator cuff tears.

    Stem cell therapy trial at Sanford first of its kind in US for shoulder injuries. FDA-approved study explores utility of fat-derived stem cells…/shr-sct010417.php…

    Can an OptimumJoint traditional or regenerative medical procedure help me? To find out if you might be a candidate for an OptimumJoint medical treatment procedure, complete our Optimum Joint Procedure Candidate Form online.

    Optimum Joint

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    Why ‘Useless’ Surgery Is Still Popular. With evidence showing joint surgeries to remove or replace joint tissue don’t work, why are these surgeries widely accepted and all too common?

    I just had a patient, 46 YO male, pain in the shoulder and both knees. Advanced osteoarthritis in all three and torn menisci and rotator cuff. Told he needs all three replaced but has to wait until he is 55. That’s 9 years! Under precision ultrasound guidance all three joints, every damaged meniscus and tendon was treated with Lipogems fat graft. This simply magnifies the growing need for non-surgical options and Lipogems fat graft and other regenerative medical treatments have shown the potential to fill this void.

    At the heart of regenerative medicine to combat joint pain is the process of using adipose fat graft, cells, proteins, growth factors and bio-active elements contained therein to trigger natural healing and regeneration within the target structures. Scientists are now highlighting more than ever before the mechanisms of how joint tissues biologically break down, and why our bodies fail to repair themselves after traumatic injury or age-related joint degeneration.
    As a first line of treatment these orthopedic conditions should be approached to repair and regenerate damaged joint structures and holding elements before removing or replacing them. The human tissue should be preserved at all costs.The science based medicine behind these treatments is vast and self evident.

    Can an OptimumJoint traditional or regenerative medical procedure help you? To find out if you might be a candidate for an OptimumJoint medical treatment procedure, complete our Optimum Joint Procedure Candidate Form online. – See more at:

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    To the driven in regenerative medicine to help others and to those benefitting. To those seeking to ensure patient access. You know who you are. You are true warriors whose weapons are your brilliant work, biological tools, analyzing your outcomes and a tireless pursuit of perfection. With every patient seeking help who achieves it, and every project we accomplish you prove that fighting for your right to love what you do and do what you love is a battle that can be won every day.

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    Steroid vs. Platelet-Rich Plasma in Ultrasound-Guided Sacroiliac Joint Injection for Chronic Low Back Pain

    While treating lower back pain can be a clinical challenge, recent studies implicate the sacro-iliac joint not always the spine. Treating the sacro-iliac joint using precision ultrasound guidance with a biological not pharmacological not only is shown to reduce pain, but the concentrated growth factors boosts healing as well. Unlike steroids platelet rich plasma does not harm cartilage, it actually helps cartilage and poses non of the other risks associated with steroids.

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    Absolutely critical to protect cellular therapies. This disease will fall one day thanks to tireless researchers in biological medicine!

    Australian toddler infused with umbilical cord blood to prevent onset of type 1 diabetes

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    Let’s not forget our canine companions and the impact regenerative medicine can have on the quality of their lives. In this study by Dr’s Canapp and others I’ve had the pleasure of hearing at TOBI conference, the rotator cuff tendons exhibit healing and repair seen by musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging. We utilize the same advanced ultrasound imaging and see very similar results in the rotator cuff in patients who also have osteoarthritis using the Lipogems adipose fat graft regenerative technology. The overwhelming majority of patients are tracked and exhibit improved pain, range of motion, strength, quality of life and appearance on ultrasound imaging.

    The Use of Adipose-Derived Progenitor Cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma Combination for the Treatment of Supraspinatus Tendinopathy in 55 Dogs: A Retrospective Study.

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    Can an OptimumJoint traditional or regenerative medical procedure help me? To find out if you might be a candidate for an OptimumJoint medical treatment procedure, complete our Optimum Joint Procedure Candidate Form online.