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    Posted by Rich Stria on Tuesday, April 25, 2017


    83 YO female with advanced bone-on-bone shoulder arthritis with a torn rotator cuff. Pain is rated 8/10 on a 0-10 scale with 10 being worst pain. The patient is unable to sleep on the affected side, can’t raise the arm above 90 degrees, is unable to reach overhead or behind when dressing. Patient is unable to dress or reach above without severe pain. Orthopedist recommended joint replacement surgery and the patient does not want surgery. Quality of life is severely affected by shoulder pain.
    At 5 week follow up today pain has improved from an 8/10 to a 4/10. Range of motion is not painful and has improved from 80/180 to 120/180. The patient states she can now dress without pain for the first time in ages. While this is a single report the results are typical with the vast majority of shoulders we have treated.
    We combine biologic cellular therapies with expert, state-of-the diagnostic and interventional ultrasound guidance to ensure our regenerative therapy is deployed with precision. We believe the precise delivery and visual confirmation by live advanced ultrasound imaging ensuring each area of tissue damage is completely treated contributes the positive outcomes we are seeing.

    Below is the live ultrasound imaging of the deployment of Lipogems into the targeted tissues in the painful shoulder with pin-point accuracy. These included the abnormal bicep tendon, the torn rotator cuff tendon and the arthritic shoulder joint.

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    Posted by Rich Stria on Friday, April 28, 2017

    73 YO male with left hip pain in the groin and lateral side of the hip due to osteoarthritis. Has already had right hip joint replacement. Osteoarthritis on x-ray moderate to severe. Diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound revealed irregular cortical bone, psoas tendon abnormality, irregular cortical bone at the greater trochanter (lateral hip), abnormal gluteus medius tendon and abnormal iliotibial band (lateral hip). All were targeted for treatment.

    Pain is rated 9/10 by numeric pain scale (NPS) ranging from 0-10 with 10 being worst pain. Patient using a cane to walk. Below is the real-time ultrasound guided injection of fat graft using the new Lipogems technology to process and prepare regenerative treatment intended for the repair, replacement, cushion, and support of damaged or injured tissues.

    At 24 hours following treatment pain has improved from a 9/10 to 5/10. Patient reports he is excited he is able to walk without a cane. While not every patient improves so rapidly we do see in a large number of cases treated an interesting immediate improvement. We combine biologic treatments with state-of-the art ultrasound imaging to deploy Lipogems with laser-like accuracy exactly where the treatment is needed most. We believe this contributes to the positive results in the vast majority of patients treated. Outcome responses are tracked at 24 hours, weeks 1 and 5, months 3,6,12,18 and 24 following treatment.

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    Dr. Striano teaching advanced ultrasound image guided injection techniques with Lipogems® fat graft for orthopedic joint pain at Okyanos Cell Therapy, Freeport Bahama’s. Dr’s Striano and Bilbool had a wonderful time with the entire Okyanos team of professionals. The facility is truly exceptional!

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    Dr. Striano teaching visiting doctors from China diagnostic ultrasound imaging and precision interventional ultrasound injection techniques for treating orthopedic pain. We had a wonderful time and Dr’s Bilbool and Striano enjoyed sharing the results of their research and techniques using Lipogems® to treat orthopedic pain in the shoulder, lower back. hip, knee and ankle.

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    A 2016 study highlighting risks associated with arthroscopic surgery for knee pain in cases with osteoarthritis and meniscus derangement. Cases such as these with advanced OA and degenerative meniscus tears, extremely common in advancing OA, are exactly what our clinical studies were fashioned to explore. To show the positive outcomes achieved for orthopedic pain using precision ultrasound guided Lipogems injections.

    In patients with knee osteoarthritis arthroscopic knee surgery with meniscectomy is associated with a 3 fold increase in the risk for future knee replacement surgery.

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    October 19, 2016

    Dr. Valeria Columbo above. from the clinic of the founder of Lipogems, Prof. Carlo Tremolada, MD, Milan Italy. Dr. Tremolada personally trained us as one of the first USA clinics to perform Lipogems, and the first USA clinic granted an IRB approved clinical study. Dr. Valeria Colombo, is an enthusiastic physician, part of Dr. Tremolada’s team,. We were privileged to have her and other physicians from IMAGE Medical Spa spend a day with us recently

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    LIPOGEMS® Could Be the Answer for Orthopedic Pain from Arthritis, Shoulder Pain Including Rotator Cuff Tear, Lower Back, Knee Pain Including Meniscus Tears and other Joints.

    LIPOGEMS® “Lipo-Filling” the void in viable treatment options including bone-on-bone joints.

    Regenerative Cellular Medicine

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    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Nerve Hydrodissection for Carpal Tunnel and other Nerve Compression Syndromes

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the most common nerve compression problem of the upper extremity. It happens when the median nerve gets compressed in the wrist, commonly by swollen tendons and repetitive use. The symptoms can interfere with quality of life. The symptoms include:

    Numbness and tingling in the hands and finger tips.
    Grip weakness: Dropping things while holding them.
    Waking up in the morning with numbness, shaking the hands out to wake them
    Pain in the hand
    Carpal tunnel syndrome affects about 1 percent of the general population and 5 percent of the working population and surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is the most frequent surgery of the hand and wrist.

    However, do all of these patients need surgery? In our clinical experience, a new technique called nerve Hydrodissection may be a better answer for some patients. Rather than an open surgery, this procedure is performed using a local anesthetic with no sedation required. Hydro (fluid) and dissection (to free up) literally is the use of fluid to expand the carpal tunnel, free up the nerve and reduce swelling thus taking pressure off the nerve and relieve the symptoms.

    Using live ultrasound imaging we precisely guide the injection with a combination of saline and cortisone. The fluid expands the space where the nerve is compressed to “free up” the nerve from adhesions where scar tissue commonly causes the nerve to bind and stick to the local chronically inflamed tendons and Carpal ligament.

    This allows the nerve to glide easier and many times has the same effect as a surgical release — the numbness, tingling, and pain go away. We have also used regenerative therapies with this procedure with the potential to help heal a damaged nerve.

    The procedure is non-invasive, takes about 30 minutes and is performed with a local anesthetic with no sedation required. Patients can leave after the vsisu8t with no down time.

    Can an OptimumJoint traditional or regenerative medical procedure help me? To find out if you might be a candidate for an OptimumJoint medical treatment procedure, complete our Optimum Joint Procedure Candidate Form online.


    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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    Not All Doctors Offering Regenerative Medicine and Not All Regenerative Medicine Techniques and Skills Are The Same.

    Optimum Joint Medical Group offers solutions to joint pain from arthritis and soft tissue damage with individualized traditional, platelet rich plasma, and the new technology using adipose regenerative Lipogems fat graft to lubricate, cushion, repair and regenerate.

    Most joint and regenerative treatment centers and clinics offer a standard treatment utilizing a “blind” non-guided (no ultrasound imaging skills to precisely guide treatment) or a simple one-location injection into a joint. We believe the key to the most effective treatment is through treatment plan customization AND tracking the results patients have achieved with regenerative treatment over time. As each patient’s joint disease is different, each treatment must be tailored around their specific disease related complications and symptoms. This is why at Optimum Joint Integrated Joint and Spine we offer access to individualized treatment plans which consist of advanced ultrasound image guided techniques to precisely hone in on each and every component contributing to the joint pain both inside and outside the joint where the complications exist. Through customized, targeted regenerative treatment plans to relive orthopedic joint pain our goal is to offer patients access to treatment options a patient can truly benefit from to significantly improve one’s pain, function and quality of life.

    Can an Optimum Joint traditional or regenerative medical procedure help me? To find out if you might be a candidate for an Optimum Joint medical treatment procedure, complete our Optimum Joint Procedure Candidate Form online.…/optimumjoint-candidate-form/

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    Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging Of Joints- Sonograms
    Recent advances in high-resolution ultrasound imaging present unique opportunities for improving the diagnosis and treatments available for joint pain.
    Can an OptimumJoint traditional or regenerative medical procedure help me? To find out if you might be a candidate for an OptimumJoint medical treatment procedure, complete our Optimum Joint Procedure Candidate Form online.…/ultrasound-imaging-of-joints-s…/

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    Can an OptimumJoint traditional or regenerative medical procedure help me? To find out if you might be a candidate for an OptimumJoint medical treatment procedure, complete our Optimum Joint Procedure Candidate Form online.